Notes for entering ANCATS shows


It is most important that you

Understand the process of entering an Ancats show.

Entries usually close 14 days prior to the show, when you enter correctly, the system will send you a confirmation of your entry details. If you do not receive this form it is most likely you have not entered your email address correctly, contact the central office.

Within a few days you will receive an official confirmation from the central office, this form will show you what information will go to the judges. Books and catalogue. If there is an error you need to contact the central office immediately. Failure to advise any errors could lead to your exhibit been outclassed on show day, [not judged].

Entry fees are payable by the close of entries. No entry fees can be refunded for any reason after entries close or been absent on show day.

2-3 days prior to any show, your benching slip will be sent to all exhibitors, this will show your bench number. Please bring this information with you on show day so you can proceed directly to your allocated space.

NO changes/additions to exhibits can be made on show day as all data is locked into the. "Cat data" program. There have been several opportunities to correct any errors, before show day.

At the end of the show day, multi award printouts will distributed, this shows you all awards made on the day to each exhibit.

If you experience any difficulty with completing an "online" form,contact the central office for assistance.

This "What it all means" official confirmation slip will be emailed to you a day or so after you send your online entry. You will then receive your benching slip, which shows you where your exhibit is to be benched. Please be sure to bring those numbers with you on show day.