Thinking of purchasing a kitten?

PLEASE think carefully when you choose a kitten.

If you plan to give a home to a rescue cat, that Is admirable but the personality of a rescue cat Will be unknown.

Should you decide on a pedigree kitten but are unsure of the breed, we recommend that you attend one of our cat shows across Australia. Talk to breeders about their breed, watch the judging, hear what they say about the breeds. At a show you can make contact with breeders and discuss the pros and cons of a particular breed. We also suggest that you look ot our breeders guide.

No matter where you purchase from, YOU MUST receive a pedigree/registration certificate with the kitten, please do not purchase if such certificate is not available, the kitten may not be a pedigree breed.

There is no valid excuse for any genuine seller not to be able to provide a pedigree.

If you are buying "online" from anyone who alleges they are an Ancats member, ask them for their membership number and call our central office to Ensure that they are genuine [free call in Australia 1300PET CAT] or email