Kids Corner for Fun Competition and Care

We found Kids want to be part of ANCAT's Junior Handler shows. Passion and pride leads to a successful experience with winning entries taking home a first, second, or third place ribbon. There are lots of fun activities and games to play. But mostly kittens or cats love being pampered and enjoy the playtime with our Junior Handlers.

Whats On

Kids events happening in 2019 to come

National 2018 Child Handler Placings

1st place: Dasha Soloviev

2nd place: Caitlyn Oldfield

3rd place: Abriella Neilsen

4th place: Charlie McCann

5th place: Emma Roberts

6th place: Alesha Toner

7th place:  Jack Tonner

8th place: Hudson McCann

9th place:  Rhys Jordan, Anzac Cuneen, Lara Ford


Parramatta Novatel: Junior Handlers November 2017.  3rd place Junior Handlers Yearly award presented to Max Wood.

Junior Handlers at work with Judge David Crymble.